About us


4Play agency comes from twenty years of Michele Salvatore experience in photoreportage,travel and Events Potography and Videos for Brands like Repubblica,RCS Media Group,Geo and Corsera and many years as ringside boxing photographer following nationals and internationals contest for major organizations like Top Ranking.

We carry out individual or team photographic and video services covering various disciplines with specialized pro.

Would you like to finally have professional images of your activities and not rely on chance?

Every world has its own rules, as well as any video/photographic technique. Fix athletes in motion, document an Event, seize the decisive moment of an action: all this determines the quality of a good Image.


The 4Play team includes young and dynamic photographers and Videographers who can follow every aspect of your needs and make you a service worthy of your expectations.




In particular, we can achieve:

Individual and / or team video/ photographic reports of sporting events: they serve to document the event in its various phases to obtain a detailed account of what is happening.
Emotional video/photographic services: the videomaker/photographer will focus on the key moments highlighting the aspects related to emotions, such as fatigue, team spirit, solidarity. It is a way to highlight the positive values and to obtain impact images useful for marketing.
       - Photographic Book and Poster: we create with you your photographic book or the photographic print of your companies

   - Custom Videos: why stop at the photographs? Experienced Video Maker will know how to build with you the video of your sporting activities and not, CONTACT US !!

     - Personalized Gadgets with your Images! We realize your every desire for personalized printing from T-shirts to cups!

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